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The Putin-Trump project was an election-season blog funded by the Progress for USA Political Action Committee, which was launched by Internet entrepreneur Rob Glaser, founder of RealNetworks and an early employee at Microsoft.

The Putin-Trump Editorial Director was Bill Buzenberg, former head of the Center for Public Integrity, a Pulitzer Prize winning investigative news organization, and vice president of news for both National Public Radio and Minnesota Public Radio / American Public Media.

In May 2017, Buzenberg and PutinTrump.org moved to Mother Jones, the investigative news organization, which has launched a new project to report on the Trump-Russia ties and foreign influence in US politics. You can find their constantly updated coverage here.

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WHY: American values are on the line

Did you know that Putin was a KGB foreign intelligence officer for 16 years before he went into politics? Or that Putin likes Trump because Trump is “sensible enough to stay out of the way?” Or even how Trump was totally unaware that Russia had already invaded the Ukraine?

RUSSIan expansion

Through unknowing manipulation, or by direct support, Trump will become an accessory to the continual expansionism committed by Putin.

Might does not equal right—and it never has for Americans—but Putin’s Russia plays by different rules. Or maybe no rules at all.

“We have seen recently, regularly, Russian so-called snap exercises of 30-40,000 troops in which the exercise scenario is the occupation of the Baltic states.” – Ex-Nato Deputy Supreme Allied Commander, Alexander Richard Shirreff

Deep knowledge of world events by the President of the United States is essential to making the best decisions for America and other nations. And Trump seems to know a lot about Russia and very little about anywhere else.

  • Trump and Putin want to end NATO.
  • Trump wants Putin unleashed to “handle” the Baltic States using “whatever actions he sees necessary.”
  • Trump thinks we should “stay out of the way” of Crimea.


Sources: The AtlanticNewsMax | The New York Times


Trump and Putin don’t shy away from censorship.

  • Putin wants to cut off Russia’s internet completely. To “protect” Russians from corruption from other countries and cultures.
  • Trump wants to “close parts of the internet”. To “protect” American citizens from ISIS. Wonder where he got that idea?
  • Putin currently has large internet bans and has forced all bloggers to register with his blocker system. Sites were shut down without warning or reason. Critics of Putin were the first to go.


Sources: The Moscow Times | Huffington Post | The Intercept