Analysis looks to the future

29381357345_27b53e0902_b is alert to the many outstanding questions about what President Trump will actually do after he takes the oath of office on Jan. 20th.

  • In regards to Russia, will Trump follow a traditional Republican foreign-policy agenda? Or will he do what he said during the campaign: Move to provide Putin with concessions on sanctions and accept the Russian takeover of the Crimea region of the Ukraine?
  • Will Trump support the 70-year-old North Atlantic Treaty Organization alliance with European nations, or act on his campaign statements, jettisoning the institution as obsolete?
  • Will Trump appoint traditionally sound foreign-policy experts to lead the State Department? Or, will he reward loyalist true believers by appointing a Newt Gingrich or a Michael Flynn, and shift to a purely ideological engagement with the world?
  • Trump has not had a strong foreign-policy team during the campaign, but has made use of men like Paul Manafort and Carter Page who have financial ties with Russia. What role will they play in a Trump administration?
  • Putin has promised to make Russia great again, and Trump has also promised to make America great again. Will they join forces in the Syrian conflict to fight ISIS, thereby supporting the Assad government in its brutal war on civilians?

With the election now over, will continue, but at a slightly more deliberate pace. We will continue to post stories on the site each day – linking to the most relevant news reporting and opinion pieces from multiple sources – but for now, our Daily Digest Newsletter will become a weekly digest of the most important headlines. Please subscribe to stay up to date on developments on this issue and on the site.

And while keeping track of the news reports, will take time to consider its next iteration. We remain committed to examining the hidden connections with Russia and the ramifications of the relationship between soon-to-be President Trump and Russian President Putin. Your ideas and suggestions for the future of this resource are welcome: Please send to

We will keep  Trump accountable for his public and private dealings with Russia, and we must ensure that he upholds America’s traditional democratic values and relationships with our allies. With two authoritarians linking arms, this is a dangerous period for the world we have known since the end of World War II. The future of American democracy demands that we keep watch.

(2016 photo by Gage Skidmore)